Premium Square Europe BV tries to identify problems at an early stage.

When there are complaints, they are reported internally to both the management and the relevant account manager, the management monitors the complaint handling.

Premium Square Europe BV then contacts the customer about the handling of the complaint.

Premium Square Europe BV uses an order planning to ensure that the complaint is handled quickly.

In the event of a complaint, it is then determined whose fault it was. If the complaint cannot be resolved mutually, the customers are informed of the possibility of the disputes committee of the PPP.

The complaints remain visible in this order planning, are reported in a separate
complaint schedule and a complaint can also be found in the ERP system of Premium Square Europe BV.

The complaints schedule is included in the monthly report so that all sellers can see what went wrong, with which supplier and how this was eventually resolved. Premium Square Europe BV also has a good total overview.

This also keeps the complaints under the attention of the sellers and management so that everything can be solved correctly with the customer.

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Premium Square Europe B.V. is a leading international supplier in the promotional products industry.