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Premium Square Group is a leading international specialist supplier of choice for branded, creative, functional and durable gifts. The product range offers exclusive brands and custom-made possibilities and is designed to surprise and to create long-lasting impact. The dedicated service, supplied by experienced industry experts, is personal and professional.

The company is active in both B2B and B2C markets, working closely together with carefully selected partners. The company offers over 300 products from 6 exclusive brands and 8 sales offices distributing to customers in over 25 countries. To scale up its business the company is actively seeking expansion in new markets.


We believe in the importance of relationships. Connections play a vital role in both personal well-being and the future shape of our world. Our scope is the relationship between companies, their staff and customers. Deeper relationships have a longer lasting effect.

Our vision is to create the ultimate customer relationship.

Our mission is to help companies build valuable, deeper relationships.


In comparison to advertising in print, TV and online media, promotional items have greater reach (89%) and they build a deeper relationship between company and customers with a longer lasting effect. 62% of recipients use advertising items longer than a year.

Finding the right promotional products is a big challenge for every company, because it has to fulfil two functions: pleasing the customer and representing the company.

Premium Square acts as a specialist supplier of promotional items, taking responsibility of its (environmental) impact.


We supply promotional items that  have to meet at least the following criteria: functionality, creativity, durability and the ability to be branded.

Our dedicated service is personal, with the highest level of care.

Press Releases

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Premium Square Group RE-designed (pdf) PSE PRESS RELEASE – 01 03 2022

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Premium Square

Premium Square Europe B.V. is a leading international supplier in the promotional products industry.